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AP Parts Compatibility


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I asked this question in a different topic.... so not to throw that post off topic I thought I would ask again here.


The question was whether AP parts were compatible with other models in the AP line of equipment... in particular whether a tray out of a AP113 (for example) would work in a AP223?


I had differing opinions on whether this would work or not but I still am unsure of the answer?


I know that the motors & spiral connectors on the AP113 are different to the AP223 because the AP220 series use the eight sided star hub motors.


But what else am I missing... Roger mentioned that sometimes the harness connections can be different so they wont work in some cases.


But if the work is it okay is it alright to use them or is it not recommended? 

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The AP113 shelves, motors and harnesses do not work in the AP123 series.  While it's possible that some early 123s may have used the 113 harness and shelves, it would be impossible to find any of those as the number produced like that would have been few.  The harness change AP made after the 113 series is unfortunate as the white connector harnesses are no longer available from AP for any model of machine because the sub-contractor that made them went out of business and AP neglected or chose not to buy the patents and tooling to make those harnesses themselves.  While there are repops of the AP7000 and 113 harnesses now, there are none for the white connector harnesses.

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