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Hello from Colorado


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Hello to all, I have jsut recently begun to get intrested in vending as an additional side income. I recently bought an old Rowe snack vending machine that is sitting in my garage as I'm trying to learn about it and plan on putting a new "wrap" on it to replace the torn one that is on it. I also recently bought a 1-800 three head candy machine...which from what I have thus far read was a mistake. I look forward to learning alot and am hoping I can get some input on if a Royal RVCDE 552 (10) for $500.00 is a good buy? Or a USI Model 3014A for $400.00? I almost bought a Seaga for 1k so happy I found this forum and avoided making that mistake. Thank-you for all your help in advance.





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Thank you Casseri for posting this and bringing to the forefront again.


Welcome to the forum, Jeremy.


The Royal 552 is a good machine to start with and you should only try to vend cans from it as it has problems with bottles.  The USI 3014 snack is a good buy if it's in good condition.  Some of those machines have been through the wringer and the shelves don't stay in place.  Check it out thoroughly before buying it.


I have the Rowe fronts in stock if you need one.  Just send me a PM if you're interested.


Good luck with your vending!

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