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Dixie Narco 368 questions

Gary B

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I picked up Dixie Narco 368 locally that had been in storage for a few years. It looks like an older single price machine 

with the POS on the left side, selection buttons on an angle. 4 double stack columns and 4 single columns. Everything 

seems to be working other than a short in the power cord.


My questions are:

1) can this machine vend bottles? judging by the cams on the middle 4 columns.

2) parts availability/reliability

3) can it be converted to a multi price?



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Hi, Gary.  The DN368 is designed only for cans though you can put taller products in it as long as they aren't larger in diameter than a 12 oz can.  So that means you can do 16 or 16.9 oz water or 16 oz cans.  Just remember that you are stuck vending everything at one price only.  This and other DN machines are so plentiful that you'll never have a problem finding most parts for it, except maybe for the Dr. Pepper or 7UP door it sounds like your has. 


Years ago as multiprice machines were being introduced (meaning they were expensive) there were a few multiprice kits available to convert single price machines.  However, now that there are millions of machines on the used market it makes no economic sense to put a kit into any single price machine.  You can find used multiprice machines for very good prices without looking very hard and it's more cost effective to just get one of those when the need arises.

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