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Help: Vending Machine Won't Accept Coins


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Let me start by saying I am in no way a professional at all with these machines. We have a vending machine in a body shop that has stopped working. 


The vending machine has a Quantum 700 Series changer in it. The shop gets dusty due to body work and we blew the machine out. Now the machine will not accept dimes or nickels at all. It will at times accept quarters so you can purchase a drink. Just now it would accept the first 2 quarters but would not accept the 3rd quarter. Can someone please help with this issue. 

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The most likely situation is that your coin mech needs to be rebuilt.  Assuming you are a small vending operator and you have very few machines, your best bet (in my opinion) would be to buy a REBUILT MDB coin mech such as a Coinco 9302-GX or Mars TRC-6510.  These are basic model MDB coin mechs and they should replace your Quantum coin mech without trouble.  At that point, you will want to send your Quantum off for repairs.


Quantum Pros have a bad reputation for not being reliable.  I own a few and they haven't given me much trouble BUT they don't get along with every machine.  I don't know if it's the machines' faults or the coin mech's fault, but the Quantum Pros do okay for a while until they start wearing out.  I own many Coinco 9302-gx and I think they are great coin mechs so I recommend one of those as they are plentiful on the used market.


Now.. assuming your coin mech is good.. it's possible that you lost pricing and everything is set to 50 cents or lower on your soda machine.  I doubt that's the case but you need to verify that your prices are what they should be.  If the highest price is 50 cents for example, the coin mech shouldn't allow you to go above 50 cents because you have already deposited enough money to buy the most expensive item.

Also, does your machine typically accept 5's?  If so, a Coinco 9302-gx or Mars TRC-6510 might not be sufficient if you get a lot of 5's in your machine.  If you only collect $1's in your validator, a 9302-gx or TRC-6510 is all you need.


Note:  You can try wiping down the sensors on the coin mech.  Simply open up the "flap" on the top of the coin mech and use a damp rag (or anything damp and clean that won't leave a residue) and wipe down the sensors.  This might help you out since the machine was blown out and the sensors could be dusty, but you still might need to get your coin mech rebuilt if this doesn't fix your problem.

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