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I need a roadmap and a timeline.

My goal is to make 2K per month profit after taxes.

This would be supplemental income for my regular fulltime job.

The advice I need is the type of machines, product, location info, charity/commission, etc.

If you were starting over, how would you efficiently accomplish this in the fastest time?

I have 10K to spare right now to invest.

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

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Single head Oak with Gumballs. Buy used or Recons from Oak. Start off with 1080 or 1430. To accomplish this quickly........ Load up a truck and hit the pavement! Use a charity, and go!


Not likely to generate 2k profit per month though. Margin will be higher than anything else. 

I would read a lot more before you pull the trigger though.

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What Rodney said. Singles have the fastest return on investment for bulk, and Oak are the best built for the lowest price. For me, I'd say jump straight to 1" 850 ct. gum to break your numbers down even further.


For the "longer game" I'd say build up in phases- running singles and doubles for most of your fleet, then adding toys to your "A" accounts- 4/5-way racks, keep it simple, stick to 1" machines, adding 2" only when you feel it's wise investment. Keep your eyes open for local deals on QUALITY equipment, and locate fast enough that you don't have a lot of surplus equipment lying around.


2K is a big goal for bulk, especially if you're still trying to keep your route as your "side" job. But, whether you make it or not, better to aim high. Good luck sir!

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