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How to turn off optical sensor from ivend hr40 snack machine?

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Because in this machine for some reason it keeps resetting all prices of my snacks to 1 dollar and it wont except anything but exact change. It happened once before and when i turned the sensor off the machine started working.


I got the instructions, here they are but i dont fully understand what they are telling me to do.\


Optical Sensor Control Options - This submenu provides the operator with options

for designating product items or rows that will be monitored for product delivery by

an optical sensor. Default is ALL selections "ON" unless changed.

3.6.3 Optics All




Press Service Mode Button

Motors ( - - )






Optical Vend



to toggle ALL ON/OFF




to save




3 times to exit

Sales Mode

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Here's a link to many full line vending machine manuals. I have a vending machine with optical sensors also. I wouldn't turn them off but if you are having issues, one of these manuals will help. I would also go through all the machines menus to make sure that you don't have something else turned on or off that shouldn't be. It sounds like an odd problem that is just a matter of checking all the options again.

Also remember that if there aren't at least 21 nickels, in the coin return, the light will go on for "use exact change".



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The HR40's have different types of firmware even for the same year models. I have two that are the same year with totally different menus. I have turned the I vend off before, but I could not tell you how from memory. Is your menu number based, or letter based? You could also try unplugging the I vend feature. You can follow the wires up to the control board. I believe it plugs into the top left corner of the board. I can't imagine this fixing the problem, but then again I wouldn't have thought the I vend would cause what your describing.



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The HR40 has either a SM6 board or USI's new GVC board. Each has its own programming process. The steps you are describing is for the GVC controller. So first we need to be sure you have the right manual. If your machine has a numeric keypad as opposed to an alpha/numeric then we have the right manual. According to the manual to turn the optic on or off do the following:

Press - Service mode > 3 > 6 (Here the display should show if the optics are on or off)

To change the option use the "3" button.

"#" key saves.

"*" key 3 times to exit.

However, I also don't see how the iVend will do what you are describing. Did this problem happen in this same machine before or a different one that you did this to? I suppose if the iVend was drawing to much amperage from the board anything is possible. Let us know if this does solve your problem

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Guys it seems like the machine keeps rebooting itself. Im starting to wonder if i need another snack machine installed. Do you guys know anyone that has a used or refurbished 32 or 40 count snack machine ?

There should be no reason to give up on the machine. Even if you replaced the main pcb, iVend, and transformer, it would cost less then a new machine.

What do you mean when you say rebooting? I seem to recall that we had a customer once that had a machine that would go on and off on its own. It was an older HR40 and it turned out that the front of the machine where the bill validator was had been pushed in. This would allow the stacker of the bill acceptor to hit the on/off rocker switch and have the machine "reboot" as you call it. It could be simulated by pushing on the acceptors mask. I suggest popping out the on/off switch and relocating it behind the panel for diagnostic purposes.

Also, check with the location to see if they have added anything to the circuit that the machine is plugged in on or if you can try plugging the machine into another outlet.

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Hey bill, what it was doing was it kept resetting the prices back to zero. Luckily I had a very good vending repair guy named dave from ablyvending . I also had a similar snackmachine on the side of my house. The reapir guy came and first took a new dollar bill validator and put it in but that didnt do the trick. As soon as he put in the other motherboard it worked again.

I was so happy because its a great location i was scared to lose.

I appreciate the time you took to try to help me bill and everyone on this forum. Sorry iw as gone so long as i was so stressed out by this machine. Im back now :)

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