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Uturn Machines/Parts


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uturns are ok machines if u have the right locations for them.I started with used u turns(dont ever buy them new).u can get around the holding too much candy issue by not filling them as much.I always put gum or a toy or both on my 4 ways and all toys on top and candy on bottom in the 8 ways.

I would have an extra couple of canisters and a couple of extra coin mechs.

they resolved the only issue I had with these coin mechs.looking from the back the top left piece would break,now it is metal.it is good to have a couple spares anyway to avoid any possible down time.

also the teeth on the wheel that turns the candy tumbler can break too.

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I started with 10 4-select U-turns in 2000. I have many more on location that I bought used. However, I really can't recommend them to a new vendor. Here are my reasons:

1. 4 Selections are usually over kill for a typical candy location. The 8-Select machine is usually a total waste of products. For most candy locations, 2 or 3 selections is adequate.

2. Plastic coin mechs can be easily cheated with coin slugs, foreign coins and tokens.

3. Parts are outrageously expensive! U-turn will charge you double if you did not buy directly from them.

4. Machines are expensive, even used. You can get better deals on used 2 or 3 head machines with metal coin mechs.

5. Most of them are yellow!  Not that I hate yellow, but that color does not hold up well over time - especially in industrial locations.  All machines take a bit of abuse and will eventually get nicked up and scraped up.  Red and Black hold up much better IMO.

Here are a few situations where I still use them.

1. High traffic break rooms.  (Red in industrial and Yellow in Offices.)

2. Kid oriented locations that will support both candy AND toys where floor space is very tight.

This year, I will be selling my surplus of U-turns in storage so that I can buy some more NW60's, NW80's, sticker machines and rack stands.


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here are 2 machines that I am selling on ebay,the 4 way would be perfect for you since I am includeing in that auction the parts I recomend you have.

ebay item number 140292093602 for the 4 way

ebay item number140292512676 for the 8 way.

both machines are in good shape and ready to make u money(besides the locks).

I have always gotten my parts from uturn at the regular price.I was able to talk them into it the first time I tried to order parts and then they chrged me that price from then on.

I would call them to see ecspecialy with this economic downturn they may be more willing to work with u.

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I am relatively new to vending and have 4 U turn 4 selection machines (got used off ebay)....New they are frightfully expensive (I called the company and they quoted me a price if about $600 for a 4 selection unit and $800 for a 8 selection unit....Lifetime warranty is nice BUT I got them off eBay for anywhere from $58 to $107 plus shipping.

They look well built. I have to work on placing them now....BUT I may wait until I buy my snack route in June and simply place them near the snack machines (kill 2 birds w/ one stone)


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I have 50 8 select u-turns out and most of them do very well. I have a few dogs but for the most part they land me an average of $53 per machine per month. I like them.

As far as parts, I replace a lot of doors, a few locks due to someone putting glue in them. Other than that, no major repairs.

I you put a yellow u-turn next to most other machines, most people will visit the u-turn as it is bigger and different looking. I have tried this and it works.

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Yeah goldeneagle i agree with you i run well over 200 uturns and overall experience very little problems.

The main problem i experience at different times is with the coin mech being broken deliberately then it just turns around and around untill all the candy gets stolen.

The vast majority of coin mechs thats broken can be fixed very easily and its not necessary to buy new ones much at all from my experience.

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