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I am joking. :D  I couldn't resist.

Remember, I'm getting out of bulk so it's all yours!


I missed that post. Why?

I checked your website. Very nice. Curious if you've ever got a decent location from just the site alone.

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I'm going to re-focus my efforts on full line and another "un-named" venture. I'm just tired of bulk. There is nothing wrong with it, I am just burned out. I need a change of pace.

Thanks for the comment on my site. I have received some decent locations from it. I mostly get a lot of inquiries from companies looking for full line service. Most of which turn out to be out of my area. In fact I just received a proposal request from a company in Kentucky. Once I get the details I will obviously pass the info along to a member who may be closer as I did a few months back with inquiries from Tennessee and Boston.


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