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Recommendation on Bouncy Ball Machine Needed...


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Just wanted to know if anyone has ever used any of these "Mega Bouncy Ball" machines.  I don't know the manufacturer.  There is a guy with 20+ for sale in my area for $250 and says he originally paid $650 for them.

I had a guy talked down to $115 on a similar machine several months ago but I am not familiar with this particular machine.

Any thoughts?



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I assume by the post you are looking to vend the big bouncy balls.  I have had good luck lately with the 27mm balls.  I have 3 pizza shops doing over $50 (before comission) and 1 24 Diner that knocked off $130 in the first month (before comission).

I use the Beaver with the large round globe. It is a sharp looking machine when you get a bunch of colorfull mixed up balls in there.



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Be careful, those type of machines tend to jam when filled up due to the weight of the superballs. I knew of another vendor that bought some through a biz-op meeting and actually threw away the machines since they were jamming so much. I personally would get NW80's to vend 2 inch stuff.


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I bought one of these Mega Super Bounce ball machines. The cabinet is made of some type of partical board (melimine maybe?). Same material you see alot of older arcade game cabinets made out of. It seemed like an ok machine but since the cabinet had a couple places where the cabinet had been scratched or bumped it didn't look as nice as it should. I bought some Bounce a Roo machines made by OK Manufacturing that I like alot better. The balls show alot nicer and the cabinet is a black hard plastic with decals and makes a much nice looking machine.

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