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Need parts for National 145 snack machine door assembly


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My technician has rebuilt a National 145 machine that we removed from location after it had been vandalized.  However, we cannot close the door without these parts.  Here are the parts needed from the original manual.  If anyone has a 145 that is being used for parts, we are looking for these, and would be happy to work out a payment. We have not been able to find them locally so far. Thanks, Rob


66 Spacer, Cup 1302289 ACTIVE 1

67 Lock Bar and Stud Assembly - L.H. 1452018 ACTIVE 1

68 Actuator Lock Bar - L.H. 1452013 ACTIVE 1

69 Catch, Door Latch 3112195 ACTIVE 1 70 Shield, Latch 1302326 ACTIVE 1 attaching part

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