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National 157


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I have a National 157 that I purchased a few weeks ago. It's a later model 157 so that the trays and harnessed in to tray boards. When I tested the motors on the machine they all passed. Now we hat it is at the location and when the door is closed quite a few selections are going the "make another selection error". When I go into the test mode I am able to get the motors to work but not in regular vend mode. I called veii and they weren't really sure what the issue could be. It's either the harnesses, motors or tray boards. Has this ever happened to anyone with this machine?

What do you guys think?



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The problem will either be in your tray harnesses or motor driver boards.  Move your trays around to find out for sure which harnesses or boards are bad.  Take a good tray and swap it with a bad tray to eliminate or condemn the motor board.  If the good tray works fine in its new position, the problem is in the motor harness of the tray you just removed.  You should have it all diagnosed within 20 minutes!

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