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I have this ashland machine that I picked up for nothing, and I wanted to refurb it.  It's got a broken globe, but other than that, it works fine.  I am thinking about doing more peanut sales, and I know that the salt is bad for the metal mechs, which makes this ashland a perfect fit for this purpose since they have plastic mechs.

I can't find the ashland site so I suppose they are demised.  I've looked everywhere for sites that have replacement globes for ashlands but I can't find any.  Does anybody know if there are other parts that are similar that will work and I can still get them? 

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Darryl, I've never owned an Ashland machine in my life, but Bret who has a several hundred machine route in east Texas started out with a bunch of them and he says they are pure junk. I'll take his word on it so I don't think you should waste time and money on this machine.

He hated these machines so much he filled one up with stale gumballs and made a video of him blasting the hell out of it with a 9mm or a shotgun ( I forget which ).

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Ive got some spare parts for ashland what were you looking for. These are all plastic machines but if its a low volume location ashland will work great just watch the coin mechs, plastic is good for the salt and rust but think is the mech going to be exposed to the salt or nuts? No just the wheels and hopper so you can put a metal mech in. In the early 1980's ashland started the plastic mech but soon into the 90's the metal mech was an upgraded option.



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