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Bill Validator acting up. BA50B


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I have an old soda machine that sat for a few years.  Been going through it and getting it back up and working.  I cleaned it all up and recharged the 134a....yes...it actually takes 134a refrigerant.   I now cools great and accepts coins, will make change and vends great.  Been in use for 2 weeks now as a coin only machine with no problems.   HOWEVER, the coin validator, a Coinco BA50B hasn't been fun.  I've cleaned everything, especially the sensors, and belts are in great shape.   The red light is lit solid red, indicating it is ready to accept bills however when you insert a bill nothing happens.  No attempt what-so-ever to pull the bill in for validation.  The unit resets and initializes correctly, just won't even attempt to suck a bill in.  Seems as if the sensors that see the inserted bill and tell the unit to pull it in is bad.  My question would be...which sensor is suppose to call for that action?  Could it be the motor, even though it does seems to initialize when I close the bill box or replace the lower unit?


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