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DEX in your mobile phone

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HI, i want to know if some of you guys are using DEX audit with your smartphone?

I was using dexlin.paylabnetworks.com but it's not working and the support team doesn't answer since like 6 weeks ago.  With the EVADTS file i was able to check my cashflow, revenue and sales per selection.

Do you have any solutions? Or do you have the libraries/scripts to audit via USB OTG-DB9 or Bluetooth Serial-DB9 on android? OR the G1S1 DEX specifications?

Can be possible if we all pay for a basic development of this features and then each one customize their own? Or something like CrowdFunding by us for us. (And stop using expensives handhelds)

I know there is VENDMAX but i don't know the price and capabilities.

Best Regards

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There are a ton of startups out there, as far as hardware for DEX there is GIMME, and I think D&S just intro'd a bluetooth DEX for smartphones as well.  I am not sure what backend software you need for those.  I use ParLevel VMS, which is great with cashless telemetry but does not have a DEX download capability for offline machines. 



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