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Do you offer Micro-Markets?  Wondering which companies you use?  Have you found them to be successful in certain types of businesses?   Looks like you can turn a normal office type account with as few as 90 employees into a nice little account if you can change that break room into your micro-market setup.  He said he can go from $400 a month drink and snack to $1600 and up. 

The small market he uses is a cooler, a glass front bottle vendor on free vend, a couple of snack racks, coffee and the nanomarket koisk from 365Markets.  Costs are under &7000.

Does this jive with any of your experiences?





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I think that is a perfect scenario that you are describing and unfortunately not the "whole story".  The nanomarkets only take plastic.  We tried this with another vendor and found that we lost out on a lot of sales because we did not take cash.  We have since switched vendors to a system equipped to take cash so we were able to recapture those customers.  Also, there are credit card fees and monthly kiosk fees that can eat away at your margins.  I probably wouldn't use a glass front vending machine on free vend.  I'd purchase a cooler and use that glass front at a vending account.  I think it would make the market look more professional.  Also, good shelving is expensive.  

Not to mention... theft.  It absolutely drives me crazy when people steal from the market!  Micro markets are a lot more involved than vending but it's what companies are asking for.  Fortunately, there will always be a place for vending machines!  

As for your original question...  Would I do it for 90 people?  Maybe.


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