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Beaver machines


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Any particular reason you're selling? 

Anything on them that will need fixing? Any cosmetic damage that a simple repainting couldn't fix?

I'm interested, but would need a bit more info. My company actually might have a van going through Indiana in the next week or so, but it's still up in the air.

If you're able to calculate a rough shipping estimate to Richmond, VA, that'd be helpful as well.


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Hey, if you still have 'em, that trip through your neck of the woods is definitely happening.

Talked to the people with whom we're  doing business and it looks like early next week we'll be heading through there.

Ill keep you updated more specifically as the time approaches.

Any news on shipping costs, if they aren't able to swing by there?

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Figured it'd be something like that. But it's good to have a number in mind.

You should recieve an email from me in the next few days then.

I'll have to pass on the scales, but maybe someone else on here will be interested.

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