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501e will not take more then $1.00

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Change your escrow setting in the programming.


This section supports 4 (four) escrow options. To show the current escrow condition, press any select button.
To change the escrow condition:

Press & hold Select Button 1: "Pr" - Escrow to Price
The escrow condition is "escrow to price". All dollar bills will be stacked. No cancel
sale is allowed once minimum vend price is met or exceeded.

Press & hold Select Button 2: "E-S4" - Escrow to Select 4
The escrow condition is "escrow to select" with all dollar bills being stacked. Cancel
sale will return the deposit from the coin changer (i.e. 4 quarters).

Press & hold Select Button 3: "E-S1" - Escrow to Select 1
The escrow condition is "escrow to select" with the last dollar bill that meets or
exceeds maximum vend price being escrowed in the validator. Cancel sale will
return the held dollar bill and any amount over $1 will be returned from the coin

Press & hold Select Button 4: "E-P2" - Escrow No Cancel
The escrow condition is “escrow no cancel” with all bills stacked, and no cancel sale
allowed unless the vender is in exact change and the maximum vend price is
exceeded. Note: Any money entered below the vend price cannot be returned.


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