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Crane National 148


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Hello there, I was wondering if anyone knew, why would my snack machine not accept or read coins at all any more? It is crane national 148 and I do have this machine for many years now. It has NEWER given me ANY kind of trouble. One of my most dependable machines EVER.  At any rate last week I went to restock my location and I did not have any coins in my coin holder down bellow. I tried it and it did not work. So I went back home and found replacement from  a working machine. Same kind. Plug it in and again the same, coins go through but wont read or go into tubes..  I tried to reset machine and it did not work. Bills work. Only thing different at this point, would be that I installed coin changer right next to the machine. I bolted it to my another machine right next to 148, and it is relatively close. Would there be any frequency issue or anything electronically? I thought it has a separate unit, but one never knows? Any input helps. I appreciate it.. Thank you

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