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Dixie Narco DNCB 501MC/S11


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Hello everyone, I have dixie narco soda machine, with Pepsi pic on it. I used it so far to vend cans only. My question is what does it take for me to convert this machine to 16.9 oz bottles. Also I was wondering what would it take to upgrade the mars 2000 series bill validator in this machine to $5. as of right now it only takes $1 bills. 

Every Input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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This all depends on what's in the machine.  If it has an SII board inside, you should be able to simply buy a refurbished 2501/2511 with flashport that has been updated to new 2008 bills.  However, if the validator and coin mech are MDB, which would make the validator a 2502/2512 and the plugs all white with 6 pins, then you would get a replacement 2502/2512 or refurbished 2702/2712.  If it is MDB, you may want to upgrade to a 4 or 5 tube mech but that is an additional expense.

As for 16.9 oz, the first thing you need to know is that you will only get about 16 bottles (1 deep) in each column, except the doible columns which will hold about 32'ish.

If that's okay, then all you have to do is change the cam settings and set the back spacer so there will only be about 1" of space between the butt of the bottle and the fully pressed sold-out switch.  The easiest way to adjust the back spacer is to put a couple bottles in, slide them ALL the way against the switch, and adjust the back spacer until there is a one inch gap.  It is easiest to walk the the back spacer at angles rather than keeping it perfectly flat. Hard to explain that.

The cam might not be able to be set for one deep as it is.  You may need to order some, and those cams should be different for narrow columns and double (wide) columns.  They might be the same though.

To set the cams, they need to be set to have ONE notch on narrow columns and TWO notches for wide columns.  If your cams can't be set as such, then you need the cams before you can convert anything.  Just try one narrow column and a one wide column first.  If they can't be set properly, put them back to the previous setting. And get the right cams.  If the cams work, then adjusting the cams is hard to explain, but you should figure it out.  Just make sure to hold the switch arms back so you don't bend them when you turn the cam.

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