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name is Erin and Im looking to start in the vending business soon and I have some questions.


If I contract with a major soda or beverage chain, will they supply the machine and product?

Will they, and if they do, charge me a rental fee, and how much might I be looking at paying monthly?

Im nervous about trying to find a route, how do i go about doing this?  Can or will the company supply the routes?

How much am I looking to earn a month, and when or how often do I collect the profits?

Do I have to apply for licensure or a permit?  For tax purposes, do I have to make it a business?

Can I start at little to no cost with a major chain?

How long will it take before I can begin?

Is this business a smart venture?


Looking forward to your replies.





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You won't be able to get any machines from the bottlers as a start up.  They want to see someone who has a growing business before they even consider it.  You don't want to deal with the bottlers either because they will limit your machines to their products only.  Other issues are the number of simple repairs that you, the newbie, have to make yourself, the delay in getting the bottler to do major repairs for you, the delay in getting machines delivered to locations for you and the fact that you won't own the machines, and the requirement to purchase your products from them at high prices or from approved distributors.

If you want to break into this business then you have to work for it and make an investment in it.  Nothing is for free.  Read through this forum for a few months and watch what pops up in new posts to get an idea of what you might be getting into and if you still want to do it then watch craigslist for used machine buys.  Start with easy single price can machines until you get used to the work and have a good understanding of what it takes to run a business.  If you continue beyond that then you can think about growth and expansion.  It doesn't sound like you have much money to invest but if you need instant cash flow then you would have to buy an existing route or company from an existing vendor.  

Don't get caught up in any of the "soda routes" advertised on craigslist that promise you machines from Coke and Pepsi for an up-front investment (or any investment).  They are preying on people like you who want to get into a cash business and all they do is steal your money.  If that's what you're looking at then run away from it and heed the advice of this forum.

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