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I own a bar/nightclub and just bought a triple-mount LYPC tough pro machines to put back by the pool table.  The plan was to put snacks like trail mix in one or two to make people drink more and also to discourage them from going to a restaurant to eat. And then put candy or gumballs in one, and then a breath mint or mint gum to help people get laid.

1. Are gumballs supposed to be this hard? One of them shattered when I dropped it on the ground. I bought bubble king assorted .92" from gumballs.com. Is there a preferred brand or distributor that sells softer gumballs? Or do you want them to be hard so they don't jam the machines?

2. Can anyone suggest a breath mint/mint gum for the people trying to "meet" other people at my bar that will work in the normal bulk candy dispenser? 

3. I searched the forum briefly (sorry if I missed it) for suggestions of online bulk distributors.  What are yall's favorite online distributors? Quality product, good price, and good customer support and fast shipping. 

Thanks for any help! Glad to be a part of this community!

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