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Got into a tricky situation with a multicade location. Need advice.


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So a couple weeks before my first collection from the location, the owner calls me. He says he has to make $30/day in quarters per day and there's a constant line for the machine. He wants another multicade. 

I told him I'd get him one. I'll bend over backwards for a $900/month location.

I go collect for the month and there's $60 in the machine. 

I want to keep the machine there, but it would be stupid as hell to add another multicade there. Maybe I can convince him towards another machine that would actually make me more money? I don't know what to do here, other than not get him the second multicade that I already agreed to.

It's a Kava bar.

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Be honest with the guy and tell him it only does about $2.00 per day and that doesn't justify a second piece of equipment. There is usually a rush by the regulars on a new game then interest fades. What you hope for is a few people who really get hooked on the game and provide some consistent income going forward. If he doesn't understand that then find a new home for the machine because digging yourself a deeper financial hole by buying a new machine is not the answer as you know. I'm guessing he will understand and work with you.

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