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Hello from Oklahoma,

Been operating in the Tulsa metro since 2015. Started with an unsatisfactory healthy “franchise” and moved on to full line vending after buying another company. Run mostly USI/Wittern/Fawn, Genesis GO-127s, and a couple Purco/Antares. Looking forward to actively participating and learning more about operating a business and how to fix my machines. 

My biggest conundrum is the GO-127 control boards that randomly give motor errors. Swapping out boards fixes the issues but spare parts are getting rarer and rarer. I’d upgrade but I’m having the same issues as everyone else, can’t buy local, new is too expensive, and freight is expensive. 

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Dump the Genesis and Purco crap.  You'll be ever so much happier.  I wouldn't have even paid for them in a purchase but you probably know that now.  Look for machines in neighboring larger towns and cities.  It takes work to make the business work.

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