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La Crosse Pepsi Machine


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Hey guys, sorry to bother with my stupid questions again.... But, I few months back I asked questions about a Vendo machine problem that someone on here helped me with. I cannot find the thread now to go directly to them... So I am asking questions about a La Crosse Pepsi machine. I can find NO info on this bad boy and any help would be appreciated!  It is a La Crosse Model #LCB ILL 120-128  Serial #OD351304  It is a bottle type machine that the door is on the right side.  Could someone give me some info?


Thanks in advance!

La Crosse.jpg

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RGT - where you able to find any info on this machine.  I have one almost identical.  LCB ILL 120-12B model.  I am trying to figure out info on the wattage is for the light bulb by the bottle release mechanism.  It is a two pull bulb, but the writing is no longer on it.

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