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Blank Honor Box Decor

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I am new to the vending business and have purchased 50 blank cardboard honor boxes and 25 blank acrylic honor boxes. I have an agreement with a charity in the area. What have you found to be the best way to decorate these boxes to look professional and attractive?

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I just did the stickers on the front on Vistaprint... about .50- 1.00 ea.  The top around where the money goes I just bought yard sale price stickers and put different colored ones on.  Nothing fancy or real expensive, but it looks nice.  The sticker on the right was my business card and has my name, email and phone number on it.  I have since updated my business card so it looks... better.

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22 minutes ago, Harvending said:

I have 150 acrylics and all I do is , charity sticker, Price, also you need to put on the box 

A portion of proceeds support the charity. This is a must!

Thank you! Where do you get the price stickers? How do you put a "portion of proceeds support the charity" on the box? Is that another sticker? Thanks! 

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