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USI model 3576 MPZ food machine - Row 4 is out

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Seemingly out of the blue whenever you try to buy something from the 4th row it says Make another selection. When I try to test vend any item from that row the display says OPEN

I moved the 5th row tray to 4 and it worked fine as I test vended selection 40.


So evidently something is wrong with the plug or a motor on that row. I just dont see anything out of the ordinary. Everything looks plugged in. Wires not cut.

A motor test should say 26. It says 21. There are 5 selections on Row 4

?? Ideas on what to look for

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Make sure all of the 4th shelf motors are wired with the same polarity and look closely at all of the wires for any cuts or abrasions.  If all is ok then put a good working motor on each selection's wires to see if maybe a motor went bad.  There can be a bad motor diode in one motor.

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