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Stolen Machine, Machine Hit By Car


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Yes you read that right, I had a machine and location taken out by a car today. First off, a month ago I found out I had my first theft of a machine. I went to my local Kmart where I have had he machine for almost 3 years. I walk in and noticed it wasn't where I last left it. This wasn't out of the ordinary as they sometimes move it from one side to the other. Well I looked all around and it was not to be found. So I go to a cashier, explain who I was and what I had and all she says is "Ohhhhh, they didn't call you?" rut row. So she calls head of security, I am talking to him on her cell phone and low and behold, I was told 2 months prior to my visit that some low life was hovering around my machine, picked it up and bolted down the parking lot with it. He said they would of called me but they conveniently misplaced my number. He said "You can come back Saturday and watch the securtiy footage if you like." Yes, seeing a man be Usain Bolt with my candy machine is going to make me feel better. 


Part 2: I get a text from my brother and it shows a car inside the building of a local barbershop. The building was right beside his office and he was showing how close it was to him. Well, at first glance I thought it was another barbershop I tried to locate in the same area but upon closer inspection, it was mine. I tried seeing on the video if I could see my machine but couldn't. I called the barber to say I was sorry for what happened and he was obviously upset and wasn't sure of the shape of my machine. I just watched the news and can see my machine laying on its back with the car right beside it. 


What else could happen? sheesh

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always leave your number with security

always leave your number with cashier

always leave your number with manager

always leave your number with any worker

always leave your number with GM

always leave your number on the machine

always leave your number with anyone you see using the machine

always leave your number with anyone in the break room

always leave your number with anyone that's always close to the machine

always leave your number on the wall of where the machine is

always carry business cards, don't be afraid to leave or give them out and around, be smart!

on the back of my card it says:

"service within 24hrs! call before 4pm for service today!"


if you cannot show up to your location within that time, then you shouldn't be in the vending business, you MUST at ALL TIMES take care of those machines! even if it means skipping a stop that's making you good cash, its ok, you'll be back tomorrow, be smart and use it to your advantage.

this way people will see you, they will know you, and you wont have to wait 2 months to find out the bad news.


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Yea but I don't think leaving a number would've helped in any of these situations. Sorry to hear about the machines, i've had a year of thefts so far, I think i'm up to about 2 doubles and a triple so far this year, which is a lot considering I didn't have any last year. But hopefully you can at least write it off on your taxes


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