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I bought 2 Machines (Initial package of $12000) from Canmax in 2009 installed them in one of the sales office, sold about 1500 cups, got sick bed ridden for over 6 months. couldn't travel much after that and had to remove machine from that office. since then they are in my store in PA in Pocono area. I spoke to one school to have 1 machine install in teacher break room, they liked the idea and asked me to send them proposal about charges and rent etc.

I threw all the flyers I had gotten with machines. have no Idea where to start. Company "Canmax" seems like is out of business now.

Can anyone help? If this doesn't work out I'd like to sell them.  

Thanks inadvance 

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A quick search shows that they used to supply Saeco machines.

From other threads in this forum there doesn't seem to be much support for them in the US/Canada.

Having said that: Do you know which machines you have? 7P, 8P, 800, SG200/Rubino, or something else?

There is a very long thread here about the SG200, which might help somewhat.

I can dig around to see what manuals I have once I know which machine you have.

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