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Toy soldier crane machine-odd claw issue

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I have an  older Toy soldier claw machine (Jumbo) WMH-288B. I am having problems with the claw closing. When I run in test mode, the claw works fine and I can adjust the VR1 and the VR2 voltage and the claw will close.  So this is telling me the claw soleniod is working and the VR settings are functioning properly.  When I run in play mode, the claw will drop all the way to the base and sit for a few seconds on its side, return up and go back to the home position. But it will not close.

Any ideas on what could be stopping the claw from closing when it drops?



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Did you check the switches in the gantry? If it doesn't think it hit the end of the string, the claw will never close. It might not be hitting the switch or the switch is broke.

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