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Vendo 63

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On my vendo 63, I put the dime in, the solenoid pulls the arm up 
then I try to pull out a bottle of pop,  I can not,
then I use my finger, push down on the arm that attaches to the 
solenoid all the way, I can then open the gate and remove a bottle and
when the gate returns closed it resets as it should.

What releases the vending solenoid so a bottle can be dispensed?

Does something else take place so the arm drops down?

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There is a switch connected to the bottle retainer linkage that should be triggered when you begin to pull the bottle out.  This causes the solenoid to be be energized to release the bottle retainer which also will cancel the credit.  If no selections work then the venx circuit probably isn't being energized.  This could be the coin mech not setting a credit or the credit relay not setting.

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