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Locating a Rack: Looking for advice


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When pitching a rack to a location (9 heads), is it better to have the rack with you during the pitch or bring it later after you’ve gotten a “yes” from the owner?

Also, do you typically write out a contract stating the terms of the agreement (length of time, commission, service schedule, etc.) for rack locations?

What commission is typical for a 9 head rack, with 8 heads toys and the last head gumballs?



I have a small sedan, so it is impossible for me to bring in a fully assembled rack to a location without dismantling it first, and having to assemble for demo purposes and disassemble again if they say no.


Main reason I was asking is because I’m planning to hit all of my cities bowling alleys tomorrow and assembling it at the first location that says yes.


Thank you for your advice!!!

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I always upgrade current accounts to racks, and upgrade to larger racks from there.  Trying to locate a new location for a 9 head rack is a tall order and with your resources (mid size car), your best bet is to grow your smaller machine accounts to racks as you find home run accounts.

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