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sun fading gumballs...


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so at one of my best earning locations, their only good spot happens to be up against the window directly facing the sun. Over time, the gumballs in the back of the machine and some on the side all start to fade in color. It doesn’t look good and it is slowing sales down recently. have you guys experienced this and how did you fix the issue? my plan is to get a white laminated sheet of paper, same kind of texture as the dubble bubble insert, and put that in the back of the machine with the pizza shop logo. 

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Yeah, that would work, you only need the front to be visible so people can see if the machine is empty. 

If you have Oaks/Eagles; replace the clear panels with shade panels or use a plastic paint on the outside (not inside) of the panel.

Northwestern or the Chinese generic machines; use gumball display cards around the sides and back or laminated paper like your talking.  

I had one location that only an inch sliver of the bottom front panel was showing because the machine was facing the morning sun.  I kept turning it but someone there would turn it again.

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I've used a UV blocker in the past, worked great!, it's basically a fancy piece of plastic. Bought it on amazon, their hard to find now... Try googling anti-uv film it may pop up

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