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Need NW shallow brush.

Gumball Wizard

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Yeah but just the brush.


Just curious are certain NW machines made for deeper wheels and brushes?

I have super 60's and only the shallow candy brushes fit it. Not the deeper ones. If one uses a deep wheel do they need a deep hopper too? Just wondering.

Also im just making sure I make my request clear, I need a shallow NW candy brush, not a gumball brush.

Do you have any for sale and if so how much woukd it cost to get one down here to Jackson MS? Thanks so much.

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NW made 3 different kinds of merchandise wheels, the shallow brush with a 100 count wheel, the shallow brush with a shallow merchandise wheel and the deep brush with the deep wheel. All three fit into the NW hopper with no problem. You should include a picture of the type of brush and wheel you are talking about. We have all three but only sell them as a complete set.

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