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Crane National 147 - Coin Dispensor / door Issue?


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I recently acquired a Crane Nation model 147 that has a Mars Coin Changer Series 4000 in it. I am trying to see if the machine works correctly ( I have no vending experience ). I have noticed that when I am using the coin changer itself, and press the yellow button twice, or yellow then blue B, it dispenses one coin, which is good. However, if I go to the main panel up top, and hit "Payout Left Left Enter" it dispenses two coins. Doing a payout for the other coin slots only dispenses one. However, if I put in 2 bucks and buy something worth 1.75, I only get one quarter back According to this link, prodecure 5-1, it should only dispense one quarter if I am understanding it correctly. Any suggestions on what may be the issue?


Second issue, the swinging door is a bit low on the left side, away from the hinges, only causing the upper part of the locking bar to engage. I read somewhere that it could be something as simple as adjusting the feet of the machine to raise that side of the door up; does that sound correct?


Thank you for any help!

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Let me get this straight - your machine pays change correctly for a paid vend but it doesn't "seem" to pay correctly when testing it?  Why are you worrying about that? It's probably just a fluke with that model of mech in this model of machine.  2.00 - 1.75 = .25, right?  First off, if you still have the original National 147 board in the machine you're lucky that this coin mech even works in it (probably only because you don't have a dollar tube.)  Secondly, if this really bothers you then put a 3 tube coin mech in.  Kudos to you for at least reading the manual (most don't bother before they post their first question.)

On the sagging machine door, put a level on the top of the cabinet edges and see if it's level.  If not then level the cabinet with the door open to 90 degrees and closed.  If that doesn't fix the door issue then you may need to loosen the top hinge and move the top of the door closer to the hinge.  Those are flimsy doors so good luck in hopefully finding the door is still straight and not bent and that the locking bar isn't bent.

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Thanks for the help, AZVendor. You're correct about it dispensing the right change when doing an actual vend, I just didn't want to sell the machine if it has issues. As for the level, I will give that a try after work tomorrow. I appreciate it

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