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Dn 501e product gate

Nate Pokorney

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Hello all,

I have a DN 501e machine that is missing the grey slide gate that you lock in place after filling the machine with product. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement on for it. Or is this even necessary? My concern is as product vends and the stack moves down the cans move towards the inner door. And I think it wont be long before I get a jam or a mess when I go to open the doors to service. Any thought or feedback is always greatly appreciated.

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What you are talking about are the loading gates. Yes, they are necessary, as your intuition is right, they will jam.

There are two styles, one is the big sliding metal gate. This is the later, preferred style. However, earlier machines came with extruded vinyl pieces that clipped onto the edge of the column walls. Do you know which kind you had originally?

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