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Everquench Vend solenoid Problem (arduino project)


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Hello everyone! I'm attempting to work out how to actuate the vend solenoids on an Everquench Japanese Drink Vending Machine. The machine holds cans vertically and a solenoid opens at the bottom to let each can through. I'm working on an arduino project to include electronic payments to the machine. There are 4 wires coming out of each solenoid housing. A black and white wire (i think are pos and neg or live and neutral) and two other smaller gauge wires which I think are for product empty detection.  I've tried 24v dc to the larger black and white wires, where I can get them to click, but not actuate. The power supply takes 240 volts ac and drops it down to between 10 volts ac 110 volts ac. I've attempted to actuate a solenoid with 110 volts ac but don't get any response. There is no writing on the mechanism to indicate what voltage it may need. 

Can anyone suggest where I'm going wrong, and what the solenoid voltage would most likely be?

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Hi Azvendor. Turned out to be 120 volts ac after all. 2x2 of the 5 live wires per drink collumn are wired together hence both the live and neutral wires going to 4 out of 5 solenoids need to be isolated.

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