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Convert to MDB for payrange?


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Hello all,  I have two machines in a shop environment (not open to the public) that are not worth upgrading at this point, but I'd like to try payrange on them to boost sales.  The soda machine is currently MDB, however the snack machine is not.

Snack machine is a FSI-3039.  Anyone know if the snackmart 3 inone kit from capitol vending would work?  I tried emailing them, but seems my emails get flagged by their spam bots.

And what are your thoughts on spending approx 600.00 to for an inone kit and two payrange?  Between the two machines, I'd say we roughly do 40-50.00 a week in gross.  Most of our selections are priced at 50% gpm, so thats 6-7 months before  i see a return on investment based off cash sales alone....


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