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Hello my name is Adam , im new on forum and new in Vending Bussines, I am asking for help, I bought devices from a customer who now does not want to help me. These are the Crane National Vendors 798 and Crane National Vendors Snack Center 2 models, none of the machines wants to turn on the cooling compressor, I have no instructions to start them, please help someone because the investment has become a failure. How can I turn on the cooling compressor? the entire installation is in place and looks good, but the cooling compressor and the fan behind it do not start. I am begging you for help


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Here is the parts manual: https://www.dsvendinginc.com/images/pdf-manuals/nv18.pdf

Here is the programming manual: https://www.dsvendinginc.com/images/pdf-manuals/nv30.pdf  Go to page 14 in this manual and reset your configuration code.  Your machine probably just chills the can dispenser so you want to choose the third code down the list CNF.2 CAN.  Your supervisor code is hopefully still 0000.  If that has been changed then you are screwed.  

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