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Replacing an RVV 500 Glass Window


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Hello Everyone!

I have an RVV 500-great shape, but the glass is starting to fog. Its been like this for over a year, but now progressively getting a bit worse. Has anyone ever replaced the glass, on any glass front beverage for that matter? If so, is the process arduous. I'm pretty handy, but I don't typically mess with glass. Any input would be appreciated.


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The original Bevmax was pretty easy to do because nothing hung on the door and it was a complete door assembly.  The RVV looks pretty straight forward as well since there are 4 glass retainers and the glass is available.  The difficulty will come if you can't figure how to hold the glass in while you remount the retainers.  Snack machines usually let the glass sit on the bottom retainer and you just need to put one side retainer on to hold the glass in place.  It's probably similar for this as well though I've never done one.

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