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"Air Enabled Please Use" error message on USA Tech Card Reader HELP

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Howdy y'all, 


I have an AP 113 that has a USA Tech reader on it, that with all of my best efforts, refuses to work properly. The message: "air enabled please use" which usually can be fixed by turning the power on and off, or even just opening and closing the machine door. But, this time, the reader does not want to reset. 


Any ideas? I have checked connections, moved antennas further from each other, and nothing has worked. Please help! 

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I have over 3,000 USAT devices and have never seen or heard this message. What MDB kit did you use on the machine?

I would try a modem reset:   Power down, unplug antennas. Wait 4 minutes or longer. Plug antennas in, press and hold the Red button and Green button on the modem. Continue to hold the 2 buttons, then power up. When the lights above the 2 buttons flash on, release the 2 buttons then press and release the yellow button. The modem should beep 5 or 6 times then try to boot up. Give it at least 10 minutes to try. 

If that doesn't work, email the tier 2 techs at:  tier2@usatech.com

Give them the device number, owner's name,  and as much info as you can. They normally respond within 30 minutes, but not always. 

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