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AP LCM4 Coil Issue


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Hi everyone! Just bought my first vending machine and started a small company for my wife and I. 

I bought a refurbished AP LCM4 Combo Machine and it’s worked well except for one coil. For some reason, it’s initial position is a quarter turn off from all the other coils in the same row and causing issues when trying to vend. 

Is there a way to reset the initial position of this coil or is it simply time for a new coil?

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You need to replace the motor if it's off just a little bit, if it bothers you that much or causes vending issues.  There are only two ways to connect the spiral to it and those are 180 degrees off from each other.  By the way, this isn't a bulk vending machine so you put it in the wrong forum.  It should be in the Beverage and Food forum for real vending machines.

PS: LCM motors are different from all other AP motors so make sure you get an LCM motor.

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