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Hi all, NFG here.


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13 hours ago, Stimpy said:

My main business is Laundromats, but I have several soda and snack machines and they always want attention. I also have several spares that need home, so there's that too.  

Hi Stimpy.  I'm quite interested in learning more about laundromats myself.  If you have questions about your snack/soda machines, you should post in the full-line section.  

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2 hours ago, Stimpy said:

The basics in the Laundry business are that it's all about location and demographics. The larger the better. It's highly capitol intense and not nearly as hands off as one would hope. 

I'm under the impression that it's a lot more hands off than vending.  Plus, it seems like it scales much better.

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From my limited experience with my soda and snack machines I'd agree. I think both businesses require exceptional locations to excel. I do ok in my area. Two other people I know in much larger municipalities (Bakersfield Ca and Oxnard Ca) both do expectational sales. A lot of the repair and diagnostics require the same or similar skills. 


As odd as is seems, one laundromat is putting all your eggs in one basket. I would recommend eventually owning two, or having the one be full time. The two I have flip, one consistently does better,  but when it's slow, the slow one excels. A customer drove into my better performing 'mat, I had 3 or 4 at the time and it buffered the blow in sales.  

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