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Card Reader on National 673


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I installed a Nayax VPOS Touch Reader on my National 673. When I change the machine setting to 'MDB Card Reader', it throws an error 'CARD.F.COMM'.

The reader will charge $1.00, but not credit the machine. Bill validator and Coin Mech still work fine. The reader is the first device connected to the main board, with validator and coin connected to the splitter.

Nayax support told me this is a machine communication issue, and to contact Crane, but that is proving to be difficult to get an answer.

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Got it working.

I just had to reset the parameters and reload the machine configuration on the Nayax, and the error went away. Also had to enable pre-selection option for the purchase to go through. 

The first Nayax rep and a Crane tech told me it was a control board problem. Turns out it was just a configuration error on the card reader.

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