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Light size for this AMS cabinet?


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Still no luck on fixing my 147 so went ahead and bought a refurb AMS (all I could find as of now my used market was golpher for used snack) machine seems nice my only complaint is this golpher old light in the machine vs an LED one. Anyone know what light I could buy with this AMS cabinet to make the light better? Pics aren't mine but from the refubisher, sadly I forgot to get my own pics but hoping these will do so I can get a better light. Or is there an LED light kit that will work with this machine?



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You will need a 24 inch bulb for that model AMS. You can use the standard flouresent or go to LED for better lighting.  Difference of $6 vs $24. But LED is much bright and do not generate any heat or electronic mnoise interference when flourescents begin to fail. Try either Vendors Exchange or D&S Vending


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