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First pop machine questions


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I just bought my first pop machine for my man cave, it's a Vendo 125/220 I believe. It's a pepsi machine with 5 buttons, 3 above 2.

I've removed the conico mech and set up a jones plug free vend. Tested that it mostly works, some sold out lights are burnt, not too concerned about those as I'll likely design a low voltage circuit to run LED's. 

The issue, or some what of an issue; it's a little noisy.  It almost sounds like it's vibrating too much. Could it be the cooling compressor causing the vibration? Cooling is working well, it dropped to 8C after an hour of running. 

In the future when funds are available will upgrading the cooling deck save more, ie be more efficient?


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Vendors this age are likely to have some loose screws but you might check the following... 

Motor cover secured

Condensor and/or evap fan blades contacting something

Delivery chute vibrating

Shims in empty columns vibrating

vendors this age tend to have loose screws

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