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New to Group, refurbishing a Vendo v312.


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Tanks for the add,

I have purchased  for my personal garage a Vendo V312 Pepsi machine. 

I got it cheap due to it was not cooling, and looks a little rough from age. It appears that the cooling deck has gone out on the machine given its age not surprised. 

my online searches for replacement cooling decks has gone no wear, can anyone tell me what cooling deck i need and is it worth replacing? 

again this is more or less a hobby machine and will never be more than that. 

thanks for reading. 

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I don't think there is a direct replacement available.  You may need to look at having that deck repaired.  I would start by making sure the deck is bad by plugging directly into an extension cord to see if it cools.  If so, you may just need a thermostat.  

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