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Credit Card Compatibility on National 148


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5 hours ago, fdecrist said:

Hi Guys,

I hope you all had a great new year. Question: Does the Crane National 148 need an updated control board for credit card reader compatibility or will an E-Prom chip suffice?


No eprom will make it MDB (what you need for card readers) so you have to replace the board.  An InOne or VE board will work.

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No.  The EPROM is to update the software.  If you replace the board, it's completely up to date with modern software.  The original board on the 147/148 is completely incapable of handling MDB.  On a slightly newer version such as the 157/158, you can replace the EPROM and some other parts and it will handle MDB because it was capable of doing so.  There may be something on a 147 that a new EPROM will fix such as allowing you to install certain coin mechs or validators that it couldn't do before but that's about it.  It still won't do MDB.

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