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Dixie 501E live display light problems

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So I noticed one day that both f20 t12 24 inch lights were dim like 10% bright so i figured it was the fs25 starters. Well I replaced them and still didnt take them back to normal. So I decided Id switch to led 24 bulbs and removed factory starters and installed starters I ripped glass section in them out and soldered cooper wire inside to make them dummy starters.  When I plugged machine back in top and bottom light up prefectly bright like they should be,  but only lasted 2 minutes then bottom only worked then eventually went to 5% bright in just bottom one. Ive now replaced 2 of the tombstones and new ballasts from vending world and top wont light up at all and bottom is 5% sometimes when door is open otherwise off.  Could led bulbs got burned out from being run on bad ballasts or what else could be the problem? Thanks for any assistance. 

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Whenever I install LEDs, I remove starter completely.  Some LEDs only work with specific kinds of ballasts too.  Most older machines designed for fluorescent bulbs also have magnetic ballasts and a lot of LEDs from big box stores won't work.  You may need to bypass ballast completely with an LED that can be direct wired.  Where did you get your bulbs?

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41 minutes ago, SnackShackVending said:

I got them from Menards said it would replace t8 and t12 f20 f18 bulbs and would work with most ballasts. I dont know how to wire starters out of equation so figured i could just use dummy starter. 

Remove the starter and bypass the ballast.

Make sure the bulbs can be direct wired

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