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How to set price on National 222 machine


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I’m trying to set the price on someone’s National 222 cigarette machine and can’t find the dial it shows in the picture to set the price. Anyone have any idea where the dial is? I’ll attach the picture it shows of the instructions on the machine. Thanks in advance!


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Does it still have a National ACMR on it (grey metal)? If so then the pieces shown are there. A later model could be an ACMRtron which was electronic from National. If it's black plastic then it's an old Bob Holiday electronic ACMR which would have dip switches on it. Otherwise it might be a price update kit from Capital Vending. There were a few different pricing upgrades made for these as the prices of cigs went through the roof in the early 90s. Put up a photo of that side of the rack after it's slid out. Man, I haven't touched a cig machine in 30 years but this brings it all back.

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