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V 480 P 10 Selection Soda Machine


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I’m very new to the vending game. So I just bought a location. Got a V 480 p Pepsi Machine & Snack Shop Model 113 snack machine. 
the pepsi machine is reading sold out even though we have loaded it and changed the price. Can anyone help with this? 
Also can anybody tell me how to change the labels on the selection buttons? 

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You have to set the rear column spacers to give only 1/2" of space between the front product and the depressed sold out paddle, with all product pushed back against the rear spacer. Tops of product go to the back. The flavor strips slide out the top of the buttons. If you can't grasp the top of the old label then slide a new label in behind it and use the friction to help guide the old label out.

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